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When it comes to plant hire equipment, a telehandler can be an amazing choice as a reliable support vehicle in Leighton Buzzard.

Not only does it serve as an invaluable solution for a wide range of plant requirements, but different attachments allow it to serve the same plant business in multiple ways.

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Telehandlers are flexible and reliable pieces of machinery, able to suit any plant sector and industry in July 2024.

When used at individual sites, a telehandler with multiple attachments can be adapted into whatever equipment is needed most.

Telehandlers can serve a variety of roles and be a reliable support option for a range of different sector, businesses and practical requirements.

We at National Telehandler Hire offer a huge range of telehandler plant hire options in Leighton Buzzard, allowing you to get the telehandler support vehicle you need at a reasonable price point.

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Who Are We?

We at National Telehandler Hire are a team of Leighton Buzzard telehandler hire experts that can provide a range of reliable plant hire options.

Whether you are looking for something that can support your current site or a replacement for your existing transport forklifts, we can get you the UK plant hire machinery you need.

Why Choose Us for Your Telehandler Hire?

We understand the UK plant hire market and can provide all of the best plant hire machines available from November 2022 onwards at a fair price point.


We aim for maximum quality and satisfaction when it comes to our customers, doing our best to cover their needs and requirements with our excellent plant hire options.

Past Work

Having worked with past customers of all sizes and industry sector niches, we can provide the plant hire equipment you need, as well as the support services required to keep that plant hire machinery running as reliable site tools.

UK Based

As a UK based telehandler forklift hire company, we work with UK companies directly to guarantee great service.

The UK Market

We understand the telehandler and forklift hire price expectations of the Leighton Buzzard market and work to keep our hire options low for client companies.

Over 15 Years Experience in Telehandler Hire Leighton Buzzard

With over 15 years of total experience in the telehandler plant hire niche and countless machines already hired out dozens of times, we know how to give our customers the right machinery for the job.

Our Range

We offer a huge range of telehandler options up for hire, perfect for either standalone use or as a fleet for a larger site.

Our Commitments

Service Quality

Offering a range of plant hire options, we aim to provide our customers with the best service quality and reliable plant hire possible. This includes post-plant-hire support as needed.


We try to aim for sustainability whenever possible, aiming to create plant hire options for client companies that see sustainability as an important part of their hire decisions.


We always do our best to provide effective post-plant-hire support for our customers, making sure that they can get our technical advice whenever necessary.

Accredited Telehandler Hire Company

We are fully licensed and certified to offer plant-hire machinery to our customers.

No matter the project, our experts can narrow down the best solution for your industry needs, whether that means a fleet of tools or a single support forklift.

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Fleet Hire Leighton Buzzard

If needed, we can extend our hire options to an entire fleet of telehandler vehicles. We understand how to arrange fleet hire and delivery effectively.

JCB 516-402m1,600kg19kW
JCB 520-404.0m2,000kg19kW
JCB 525-606.0m2,500kg55kW
JCB 525-60E6.0m2,500kg24kWh
JCB 531-707.0m3,100kg81kW
JCB 533-10510.22m3,300kg81kW
JCB 535-959.5m3,500kg81kW
JCB 535-12512.28m3,500kg81kW
JCB 540-14013.78m4,000kg81kW
JCB 540-17016.7m4,000kg81kW
JCB 540-18017.51m4,000kg81kW
JCB 540-20020m4,000kg81kW
JCB 541-707.0m4,100kg81kW
JCB 516-404m1,600kg24hp
JCB 520-404m2,000kg24hp
JCB 525-606m2,500kg74hp
JCB 560-807.9m6000kg97kW
Manitou MHT 1233011.92m33,000kg180kW
Manitou MT 4204.35m2,000kg42kW
Manitou MT 6255.85m2,500kg55.40kW
Manitou MT 7306.9m3,000kg54.60kW
Manitou MT 7336.9m3,300kg55.40kW
Manitou MT 9308.85m3,000kg54.60kW
Manitou MT 9339.07m3,300kg55kW
Manitou MT 10339.98m3,300kg55.40kW
Manitou MT 113511.05m3,500kg75kW
Manitou MT 133512.55m3,500kg75kW
Manitou MT 144013.53m4,000kg75kW
Manitou MT 184017.55m4,000kg75kW
Merlo P27.65.8m2721kg55kW
Merlo TF30.98.5m2993kg85kW
Merlo TF38.109.4m3810kg100kW
Merlo TF42.77.1m4173kg100kW
Merlo TF50.87.7m4989kg125kW
Merlo MF34.76.8m3401kg100kW
Merlo MF40.98.7m3991kg125kW
Merlo P50.1817.9m4989kg125kW
Merlo P65.149.0m6531kg125kW
Merlo P72.109.5m7166kg75kW
Merlo P120.109.7m12020kg125kW
Merlo P35.1110.9m3492kg55kW
Merlo P40.1312.4m3991kg55kW
Merlo P40.1716.5m3991kg55kW
Merlo Roto 40.1817.6m3991kg90kW
Merlo Roto 50.2121m4989kg55kW
Merlo Roto 70.2420.4m6985kg125kW
Merlo Roto 50.2622.8m4989kg55kW
Merlo Roto 50.3029.3m4989kg125kW
Merlo Roto 70.2828m6985kg125kW
Merlo Roto 50.3527m4989kg125kW
Genie GTH-55195.74m2,495kg55.4kW
Genie GTH-63610.97m2,722kg55.2kW
Genie GTH-84413.4m3,629kg73.8kW
Genie GTH-105617.25m4,536kg55kW
Genie GTH-125617.07m5,450kg99kW
Genie GTH-154413.41m6,804kg115kW
JLG G5-18A5.59m2500kg55kW
JLG 74212.8m3,175kg55kW
JLG 94313.11m4080kg83kW
JLG 104313.11m4,535kg83kW
JLG 105516.76m4535kg96kW
JLG 107522.86m4535kg119kW
JLG 125516.76m5443kg97kW
JLG 164413.28m7098kg100kW
JLG 173216.76m7599kg100kW
JLG 273310.08m12,065kg119kW
Magni RTH 4.1817.56m4,000kg55kW
Magni RTH 5.1817.56m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 5.2120.70m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 5.2322.80m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 5.2524.60m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 6.2120.80m6,000kg100kW
Magni RTH 6.2323.30m6,000kg100kW
Magni RTH 6.2525.00m6,000kg100kW
Magni RTH 7.2625.70m7,000kg160kW
Magni RTH 6.3029.90m6,000kg160kW
Magni RTH 6.3534.70m6,000kg160kW
Magni RTH 6.3938.90m6,000kg17kW
Magni RTH 6.4645.64m6,000kg175kW
Magni RTH 8.2524.90m8,000kg175kW
Magni RTH 13.2626.20m13,000kg175kW
Magni HTH 10.109.52m10,000kg100kW
Magni HTH 16.109.50m16,000kg160kW
Magni HTH 20.109.80m19,999kg160kW
Magni HTH 24.1110.50m24,000kg175kW
Magni HTH 27.1110.85m27,000kg175kW
Magni HTH 30.1211.72m30,000kg235kW
Magni HTH 35.1211.72m35,000kg235kW
Magni HTH 50.1414.00m50,000kg235kW
Magni TH 6.2019.20m6,000kg100kW
Magni TH 5.2423.90m4,999kg100kW
Magni Ricklift 1311.00m500kg45kW
Magni Ricklift 1512.95m800kg75kW
Magni Ricklift 1815.93m800kg75kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.76.35m3000kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.98.70m3000kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 32.98.70m3200kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 34.76.35m3400kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Max 50.87.70m5000kg128kW
Dieci Agri Max 60.98.60m6000kg128kW
Dieci Agri Max 65.87.70m6500kg128kW
Dieci Agri Max 75.109.65m7500kg114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 40.109.60m4000kg114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 42.77.20m4200kg114kW
Dieci Agri Star 37.76.80m3700kg100kW
Dieci Agri Star 38.109.6m3800kg100kW
Dieci Agri Star 40.87.70m4000kg100kW
Dieci Mini Agri 20.44.35m2000kg37kW
Dieci Mini Agri 26.65.68m2600kg55kW
Dieci Apollo 20.4 Smart4.35m2000kg37kW
Dieci Apollo 26.65.68m2600kg55kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.7 GD6.35m3000kg55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.9 GD8.7m3000kg55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 32.9 GD8.7m3200kg55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 34.7 GD6.35m3400kg55.4kW
Dieci Hercules 100.109.5m10000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 130.109.5m13000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 190.1010.2m19000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 210.1010.2m21000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 230.1010.15m23000kg128kW
Dieci Icarus 40.14 GD13.4m4000kg85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 40.17 GD16.4m4000kg85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 50.18 GD17.8m5000kg85.1kW
Dieci Samson 50.8 Vs Evo2 GD7.7m5000kg128kW
Dieci Samson 60.9 Vs Evo2 GD8.6m6000kg128kW
Dieci Samson 65.8 Vs Evo2 GD7.7m6500kg128kW
Dieci Samson 75.10 GD9.65m7500kg114kW
Dieci Zeus 35.11 GD10.6m3500kg54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 38.10 GD9.6m3800kg54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.13 GD12.5m4000kg54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.8 GD7.6m4000kg54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T604.7m2250kg54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T705.2m3000kg85.9kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T805.2m3500kg107kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T905.7m4100kg114kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.1615.70m4000kg85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.1818.00m4000kg85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 45.3029.6m4500kg127kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.2524.10m5000kg100kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.2625.7m5000kg127kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.1616.20m6000kg100kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.2120.50m6000kg100kW
Bobcat TL26.605.8m2600kg75kW
Bobcat TL30.605.8m3000kg75kW
Bobcat TL35.706.8m3500kg75kW
Bobcat TL35.10510.2m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T35.105L10.2m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T36.120SL11.8m3600kg75kW
Bobcat T35.130S12.4m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T35.130SLP12.4m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T35.140S13.6m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T41.140SLP13.6m4100kg75kW
Bobcat T40.180SLP17.4m4000kg75kW
Bobcat TL34.65HF6.3m3400kg97kW
Bobcat TL38.70HF6.9m3500kg97kW
Bobcat TL43.80HF7.5m4300kg97kW
Bobcat TR40.180 Rotary17.6m4,000kg55kW
Bobcat TR50.180 Rotary17.6m4,999kg100kW
Bobcat TR50.210 Rotary20.5m4,999kg100kW
Bobcat TR50.250 Rotary24.6m4,999kg100kW
Bobcat TR60.210 Rotary20.8m6,000kg100kW
Bobcat TR60.250 Rotary25m6,000kg100kW
Bobcat TR70.260 Rotary25.7m7,000kg160kW
Bobcat TR60.300 Rotary29.8m6,000kg160kW
Bobcat TR60.350 Rotary34.9m6,000kg175kW
Bobcat TR60.390 Rotary38.9m6,000kg175kW

What is a Telehandler?

A telescopic handler, or telehandler or boom lift is a lifting and transport machine that uses an extending boom equipped with a range of attachments.

Using these attachments, they can lift a wide range of items and materials. For example, forklift attachments let them move pallets, while bucket attachments make it easy to move dirt and debris.

What do they do?

A versatile vehicle, a telescopic handler is designed to fill roles that a forklift cannot and provide a quick solution to a lot of different storage and lifting requirements.

The Role of Telehandlers

Telehandlers are more than just simple hire vehicles used to pick up and move items in Leighton Buzzard. They can be invaluable parts of any plant site. Telehandlers are useful for:

Material Handling

Telehandlers are vital for moving dangerous materials across a site or plant quickly and safely, all without employees having to put themselves at risk.

Material transportation

Telehandlers can transport heavy loads quickly and effectively across a site with minimal issues.

Material Sorting

Some sites use telehandlers to sort through large piles of recycled materials or items stored on shelves.


Telehandlers can be used to store items on shelving or in containers that are too high to reach with regular hire forklifts.

Equipment transportation

A telehandler can transport heavy equipment quickly through a plant, getting it where it needs to be.

Working at Height

Telehandlers with platform attachments can allow for easy working at height without having to hire a separate platform.


A telehandler is sometimes used to observe a large plant floor or work area.


Being able to lift a person up high allows a telehandler to be used for inspections of raised plant surfaces.

Worker Transportation

Plant workers can be moved easily if the handler is equipped with a platform attachment, including moving them between floors of an unfinished building site or other vertical space.

Waste Management

Telehandlers see some use in waste management.


Earthwork projects can benefit from having a telehandler on-site.


Repairing a raised structure is much easier with at least one telehandler on standby.


Like repairs, maintaining large spaces is easier with telehandlers.


Large-scale recycling and other sustainability-focused projects often use telehandlers for niche purposes.

Telehandler Parts

Telehandler equipment is made from three distinct parts: the base, the boom, and the attachment.

The Base

The base of a telehandler is naturally very important. A good, solid base not only provides more stability but can often make it easier to lock the telehandler into place, allowing for safer working conditions and/or more reliable material transportation.

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Drivable Equipment

Most of these bases are fully independent, meaning that they can be driven without needing to be connected to another vehicle or machine.

Doing this means that the telehandler can move around on its own, allowing for even easier transportation of materials while also making repositioning a lot faster.

The Boom

The boom acts as the telescopic neck of the telehandler. The range and extension speed of the unit will vary depending on the boom, so it is sometimes important to use a machine that has a well-designed boom system and a reliable engine or motor powering the extension and retraction.

The greater the range, the further the Leighton Buzzard boom can reach. This makes it much easier for the machine to provide a solution to niche problems, such as moving items from one area of a site to another without moving or replacing a forklift over short distances.

The Attachment

The end of the boom always has some form of attachment. These are distinct pieces of equipment that provide some functionality to the boom itself, often relating to specific services or technical needs that the current project requires.

In most cases, the attachment can be swapped out for other equipment at will, as long as there is somebody qualified to do so.

Attachment Examples

This attachment could be forks that emulate a forklift, a working platform for surveying a site from height, or a range of other service tools and equipment that provide their own functionality and niche uses.

Forklift Hire vs Telehandler Hire

A telehandler is almost always larger than a forklift and is much less limited in terms of its overall abilities.

Unlike forklifts, telehandlers use an extendable boom neck that allows their tools to reach tall heights or long distances, making them far more practical as a solution for larger-scale problems.

Leighton Buzzard Telehandler Hire Costs

Telehandler plant hire in Leighton Buzzard can cost a varying amount depending on what kind of equipment you are looking for. Each telehandler has its own specifications that you need to take into account before arranging plant hire, along with a range of equipment and attachment options – meaning that it is important to find the right solution ahead of time.

Various factors can influence the cost of telehandler plant hire services, including:

Length of Hire

We try to price plant hire costs fairly, but longer hires are naturally going to cost more. We discuss each hire in detail with the client before confirming anything, allowing them to find the hire costs that work for them.

Average Costs

Expect to pay around £250 to £500 per week for a telehandler. This is just an average weekly plant hire cost, though – we price each machine differently based on expected industry averages and the amount it would cost to deliver and service the unit.


The size and weight of a telehandler unit available for plant hire can influence the equipment hire cost. This usually happens when the equipment itself is larger than average since this takes longer to deliver and requires more fuel and maintenance.

Boom Length

Like size, boom length plays a major part in this plant hire equipment pricing. The longer the telescopic boom, the more the equipment usually costs.

Max Lift Height

The max lift height of the telehandler is usually quite relevant to the plant hire costs for the same reason as size and boom length. The max height is a combination of the boom’s length, the angles it can operate at, and its safety when used at height.

Maximum Loads and Weight Capacity

In a lot of cases, the weight capacity will also increase cost since the structure of the boom will need to be a lot stronger. This can be important for companies that need to hire a tool that can cover a lot of heavier-duty work.

Attachments Leighton Buzzard

Attachable equipment is an important part of the plant hire process. Telehandlers rely on telehandler attachments, and that means that your plant hire costs often include the attachments that you need for your particular projects or business site.

Attachment Costs

Note that some telehandler attachments cost more than others and that different companies may need different amounts of equipment. This is one of the factors that most influence plant hire costs.

Fleet Hire

If you are hiring more than one telehandler, that fleet of vehicles will naturally cost more than just one. We still aim to keep our bulk hire costs low where possible.


The delivery costs can play a large part in the plant hire costs, even if they are not related to the hiring process itself.


Like the delivery, fuel costs are also important. This is especially true for hire arrangements where you need to refill the vehicle before you hand it back.


Insurance, whether included in the hire or not, is another factor to consider when looking at your available forklift alternatives.

Benefits of a Telehandler

Unlike a regular forklift hire option, our telehandlers are ideal for use in any industry. They provide a valuable service to many industrial sites and can be a vital solution for a lot of common industry-wide problems.

However, compared to a forklift or similar vehicle, telehandlers also have some major benefits worth exploring.


A Leighton Buzzard telehandler can usually reach further than a forklift hire, allowing it to offer the same services in larger spaces.


Telehandlers can extend their booms to cover a larger range, allowing them to move items across a site faster than a forklift hire.

Weight Limit

The design of most telehandler booms means that they can provide valuable lifting services with a much higher total weight capacity.


The booms used in most telehandlers are perfect for flexible positioning, suiting any project that involves multiple height levels of raised spaces (from construction sites to warehouse shelving).


The ability to swap attachments in and out allows a single telehandler to offer a range of services and solutions. In general, forklift hire options can only cover basic transportation and storage services.

Telehandler Hire Duration Leighton Buzzard

We offer a range of options for our plant hire services, working with each client to create the best plant hire arrangement for their needs.

Weekly Hire

We can arrange the hire week-by-week as needed, based on your industry and the services you are looking for.

Long-Term Hire

Longer-term hire options are also available for companies that need our telehandler hire services over a longer period of time.

Plant Hire Extensions

We can extend our plant hire options in certain cases, allowing client companies to keep using the same plant hire tools for longer.

Nationwide Telehandler Hire and Delivery

We offer plant hire services to companies from any industry across the UK including Leighton Buzzard. Unlike forklifts and fleet vehicles, we know our telehandler hire options are specialised and do our best to provide the ideal option for all plant hire projects.

UK Delivery

We try to deliver to Leighton Buzzard companies as fast as we can, offering consistent delivery on even the most specific UK telehandler forklift hire.

UK Plant Hire Support

Plant hire is important, and we offer full support to our Leighton Buzzard companies. We want our service to be as smooth as possible.

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Telehandler Attachments

Telehandler attachments are important for any plant hire situation. These attachments change the way the equipment functions, altering what it can lift (and how it can lift them).

Choosing the right attachment for the job is important. We offer a range of attachment plant hire options to go with the base telehandler equipment.

Carriage Attachments

Carriage attachments are often the default attachment equipment seen on any standard telehandler machine.

Side-Shift Carriage

Offers ten-centimetre shifts on the right and left carriage forks, allowing for precise load placement and support.

Side-Tilt Carriage

It can tilt to either side for better lateral positioning, making it easier to store items safely.

Standard Carriage

Fully floating and adjustable forks that can be used for most practical purposes, emulating those of forklifts.

Swing Carriage

Allows for increased movement and materials placement, leading to better machine precision.

Dual Fork Positioning Carriage

Offers independently-adjustable forks, making it easier to move heavy tools and pallet loads through the machine itself.

Fork Attachments

Emulating forklifts, these fork attachments serve the same role as forklift hire options while also providing more versatility overall.

Pallet Forks

Meant for moving pallets around a site, proving a better solution for moving and storing items beyond the reach of a conventional forklift.

Cubing Forks

Meant for storing cubed items, ranging from blocks of brick and boxes of different tools to compressed metal blocks.

Lumber Forks

Used to move longer items such as lumber or material slabs, and designed to work well with non-square bulk items.

Bucket Attachments

Bucket attachments serve a niche purpose but also save you from having to arrange plant hire of a bucket or digging machine that you might only use for a single project.

While none of these attachments is meant for actual digging, they can be invaluable for a wide range of different project types and situations.

Material Buckets

Used as a transport solution for a lot of loose items, including piles of dirt. Designed to work as standard transport equipment.

Grapple Buckets

A standard bucket with a unique swinging-down set of “teeth” is ideal for containing larger items that need to be moved by the bucket (such as pieces of debris).

Other Attachments

Our telehandler plant hire options in Leighton Buzzard are designed to work well in a huge range of situations, and that includes using the machinery in ways you may not originally expect.

We can provide some specialised equipment that works as an effective solution to less-common problems or for situations where sites may not be equipped with a machine that can cover that niche requirement properly.

Work Platforms

Mobile work platforms that can support and protect workers at heights. It can be ideal for any project in a very vertical space.

Truss Booms

Used to set up walls and truss sections during a construction project. This makes the telehandler into a temporary construction vehicle.

Lifting Hooks

General-purpose hook attachments are used to lift up and transport items that cannot be carried by forklift or bucket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you control a telehandler?

A telehandler generally requires a licensed operator. If your company does not have one already, then choosing to hire one is the best option.

What is another name for a telehandler?

Telehandlers have also been called lulls, telescopic handlers, reach forklifts and zoom booms.

In some cases, they are simply called “forklifts”, usually in industrial contexts.

What do you look for in a telehandler?

Telehandlers are best when they can move heavy weights across long distances without burning too much fuel or becoming unsafe to use.

In many cases, sustainability is also important, both for reduced fuel costs and the overall sustainability of using the units in the first place.

What can a telehandler lift?

Most telehandlers can lift anywhere between 4,400 lbs and 12,000 lbs.

Depending on the attachment, a unit can lift anything from pallets to individual pieces of piping or raw materials.

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